Join Dr. Nadine Binder (Education & Training Coordinator at Young SIETAR) on 14.07.21 at 18:00 for the next meeting of our Regional Group Frankfurt-Rhein-Main-Unterfranken:

In this session, Dr. Nadine Binder will provide input and facilitate a series of short activities to demonstrate how we can sharpen and deepen our diversity awareness as interculturalists so that we can be more mindful of how power, privilege, and discrimination impact our work. We will explore basic mechanisms of exclusion and discrimination, discuss how to deal with microaggressions and defensive responses, and reflect on the concept of allyship. Nadine seeks to provide an opportunity to broaden and deepen our diversity awareness and gain new ideas on how to design and create more inclusive intercultural training sessions.

Dr. Nadine Binder:

Nadine works as an Intercultural and Diversity Trainer with a variety of clients (such as corporate clients, higher education, police and judiciary, public administration). She is a trained Co-Active Coach and Senior Facilitator for Personal Leadership. Besides her continuous commitment to Young SIETAR, she serves on the Executive Team of the World Council on Intercultural and Global Competence and co-founded the Globally Conscious Peacemakers with Jeremy Solomons.