RG Frankfurt AfterWORKshop#3: “Navigating Culture – More than learning a language” with Prof. Jillaine Farrar, 26th May

RG Frankfurt AfterWORKshop#3: “Navigating Culture – More than learning a language” with Prof. Jillaine Farrar, 26th May


26th May 2021, 06:00pm – 07:30pm

(In English, Diskussion und Fragen gerne auch auf Deutsch)


Join Prof. Jillaine Farrar (Vice-President SIETAR Switzerland) for this session:

“Following a short input session, I will share with you some of the resources I find really useful in my intercultural and language courses and trainings.  We’ll look at, for example, Browaeys and Price’s web, Shaules’ Developmental Model of Linguaculture Learning, Meyer’s Culture Map, as well as how backpacks and fruit can have an impact on misunderstandings. The group will then discuss how we can create short sample case studies quite quickly, use unaltered articles in courses and trainings, activate course participants also in sessions held online, and add to a participant’s cultural toolkit. My goal is that you take away an activity or an idea you can use and hopefully have an aha moment as to what your next truly engaging activities will be. Together we can positively influence intercultural mindfulness and inclusion in education, business, politics, government, and society! Now that is a tall order!”


The event is being offered jointly by SIETAR Switzerland and SIETAR Regional Group Frankfurt-Rhine-Main-Lower Franconia.


Prof. Jillaine Farrar:

Intercultural communication is an important part of Jillaine Farrar’s life, both privately and professionally. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, she has been teaching intercultural leadership and English for Business to adults in Switzerland and internationally, in both higher-education and corporate settings, for over two decades. Her education, research, and her experiences have contributed to her belief in the importance of facilitating cooperative actions aimed towards intercultural growth, inclusion, and leadership development.

Crossing geographic borders to learn, live, and work has provided many opportunities to embody lived experiences interculturally, both privately and professionally. She earned her master’s from The University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, and her CAS International Leadership from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts-Business in Switzerland. She is a qualified IDI administrator and holder of the Japan Intercultural Institute’s Brain, Mind and Culture Masterclass certificate.

In addition to the Canadian and Swiss cultures, she has had the privilege to interact with many cultures thanks to her position as Head of the Exchange Program, lecturer in the taught-in-English degree programs, and Co-Head CAS International Leadership at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts-Business. In connection with her university work and research field, Jillaine is also a part of the Virtual Leadership Knowledge Network team.

Further, she is vice president of SIETAR Switzerland and ICP European University Network. She is proud to have co-headed the strategizing and planning of the successful SIETAR Switzerland 2020 congress on inclusion and intercultural topics, which had to be moved online in autumn 2020 in a dispersed format due to the global situation. Jillaine co-heads the Value Recognition for the Profession – Academic Survey Project and a UNESCO Futures of Education Forum, both initiated in 2020. Further, she is the board member responsible for The Swiss Journal of Intercultural Education, Training and Research, the peer-reviewed SIETAR Switzerland Journal.

Her recent publications include journal articles on intercultural and international leadership topics: Working Through COVID19 Times and Beyond: What could be the next normal for intercultural education, training and research? (2021), ‘Trustworthy Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Network Partners: Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Partnerships in the International Entrepreneurial Process’ (2020), ‘Intercultural Knowledge and Leadership Skills’ (2020) and articles in the SIETAR Switzerland Journal. She also has two forthcoming book chapters which link intercultural communication and international leadership.



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