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This is a sample template designed to help you get started creating and sending your own CiviMail messages. This template uses an HTML layout that is generally compatible with the wide variety of email clients that your recipients might be using (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.).

You can select this "Sample CiviMail Newsletter Template" from the "Use Template" drop-down in Step 3 of creating a mailing, and customize it to your needs. Then check the "Save as New Template" box on the bottom the page to save your customized version for use in future mailings.

The logo you use must be uploaded to your server. Copy and paste the URL path to the logo into the
Edit the color of the links and headers using the color button or by editing the HTML.

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Helpful Tips

Click "Insert Tokens" to dynamically insert names, addresses, and other contact data of your recipients.

Plain Text Version
Some people refuse HTML emails altogether. We recommend sending a plain-text version of your important communications to accommodate them. Luckily, CiviCRM accommodates for this! Just click "Plain Text" and copy and paste in some text. Line breaks (carriage returns) and fully qualified URLs like are all you get, no HTML here!

Play by the Rules
The address of the sender is required by the Can Spam Act law. This is an available token called domain.address. An unsubscribe or opt-out link is also required. There are several available tokens for this. creates a link for recipients to click if they want to opt out of receiving emails from your organization. creates a link to unsubscribe from the specific mailing list used to send this message. Click on "Insert Tokens" to find these and look for tokens named "Domain" or "Unsubscribe". This sample template includes both required tokens at the bottom of the message. You can also configure a default Mailing Footer containing these tokens.

Composing Offline
If you prefer to compose an HTML email offline in your own text editor, you can upload this HTML content into CiviMail or simply click "Source" and then copy and paste the HTML in.

Most email clients these days (Outlook, Gmail, etc) block image loading by default. This is to protect their users from annoying or harmful email. Not much we can do about this, so encourage recipients to add you to their contacts or "whitelist". Also use images sparingly, do not rely on images to convey vital information, and always use HTML "alt" tags which describe the image content.

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