SIETAR Italia: Call For Events

von SIETAR Deutschland

Wir teilen gerne den "Call for Events" von SIETAR Italien:

We are currently working on the 2019 SIETAR Italia Programme of Events. Every year we ask members and non-members to deliver workshops, seminars or talks following our guidelines.

Are you willing to deliver an event in 2019?

The areas we would like to highlight in 2019 are:

   •  Companies and organizational challenges
   •  Intercultural and multicultural socio-political contexts
   •  Development of competencies and training of intercultural professionals
   •  Intercultural communication in language education

Do you have any interesting contribution to offer (in English or Italian) on one of these subjects?
If so, please fill in the Form for Events Proposals – 2019 Calendar, and send it to info@sietar-italia.org by the 30th October 2018.

We will go through all the proposals and let you know what has been decided by end of November 2018.

In Milan, most of the events are hosted for free by ChiAmaMilano in via Laghetto, 2 (near Duomo-Università Statale) which is run by the Milan Council. If you know of other venues in Milan or other cities, please let us know.

The 2019 Calendar of Events, as well as the one-off events, will be advertised through the following channels: the SIETAR Italia website; the GLOBAL SIETAR calendar of events; Eventbrite, through our Newsletter (we have a mailing list of 2500 contacts), the SIETAR Italia facebook page, LinkedIn and Twitter, through our partners’ communication channels.

We look forward to receiving your proposals with the aim of enhancing intercultural awareness in the business world, in politics, education and in our society as a whole.

SIETAR Europa Communication Committee,
on behalf of The SIETAR Italia Team